Nenagh Oil Boiler Servicing

Regular servicing prolongs the life of the oil boiler and ensures a cleaner and more efficient burn. Oil boilers should be services every 12 months. Not only does servicing save you money on your heating fuel costs but the prolonged life of the boiler also can be a substantial cost saving due to the high replacement costs for oil burners.

Our oil burner servicing includes:

  • Visual inspection of the boiler for wear and/or damage,
  • Replacement of the oil nozzles,
  • Cleaning of the burner unit and the flue,
  • Oil filter replacement,
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger and the baffles,
  • Safety system inspections.

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What we do during our Boiler Service?

Our servicing consists of a full service to the burner, boiler and oil tank.
We also clean the combustion chamber and check all seals and gaskets.

Boiler Replacement Services in Nenagh

The Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI) recommends that you should replace or upgrade your oil boiler if it is more than 15 years old. Even if there are no apparent problems, it’s unlikely to be running above 70% efficiency (new oil boilers are more than 90%). You need a reliable boiler to guarantee a warm home for the winter.

Better Energy Homes Scheme

The Better Energy Homes scheme provides grants to homeowners who invest in energy efficiency improvements in high efficiency (> 90%) gas or oil boiler upgrades and heating control upgrades.

Grants available for heating upgrades:

  • Heating Controls with Boiler (Oil or Gas) Upgrade – €700
  • Heating Controls Upgrade only – €600

*SEAI Grant approval must be in place before works commence.

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Boilers and Stoves

We specialise in servicing all types of oil boilers both commercial and domestic. We can service all makes including Aga, Rayburn, Redfyre, Worcester, Eurocal, Potterton, Triancoor Firebird at affordable prices.

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